The international day of giving comes to Uganda in 2019. #GivingTuesday Uganda is the movement that connects you to non-profit, non-governmental organizations, local initiatives and all groups that are working for social causes in our country.

Using the hashtag #GivingTuesdayUG as an instrument to spread this idea in social media, it seeks to mobilize all citizens, families, organizations and companies to contribute to this global day of donation.

This day seeks to inspire people to GIVE more, and GIVE better.

Just as there are special days for other themes and celebrations, this is the day for causes, social organizations, and to celebrate human generosity.

Celebrating giving with the world

We know you love to give. We also know you enjoy using social media and new technology. This day simply doesn’t happen without you. By using your time, money and your voice to support the charities and causes you love, you make #GivingTuesday a success. You can check out our ideas on how you can make this day great for your community and fellow Kenyans. Also, kindly join our mailing list to recieve all updates on activities relating to #GivingTuesday


Tweet us, Like us, "Double- Tap" us. Got a great idea? Get in touch with us, your chosen charity or share it with the world!


This global day of giving was created to help promote the good work that you do. You can use this day to increase donations, get more volunteers, raise awareness on your cause and shout about just how much a difference you make to people’s lives on a daily basis.


Need inspiration? Check out our Ideas where you will find practical examples of how you can get involved. Sign up and become a partner today!


We know that you work closely with your chosen charities or local communities to make a difference. This day allows you to highlight that work and strengthen those ties. Get in touch with your chosen charity today and see how you can work together to make #GivingTuesday a success.


Check out our Ideas where you will find practical examples of how you can get involved & Remember to share what you have decided to do with us and the #GivingTuesday global community!

P.S. - You could also ask your non-profit partner to register ;-)

anyone can join this movement :-)



#GivingTuesday is a global movement that virtually connects individuals. organisations and corporations to give their time, money and voice to causes all over the world. Every year, the movement grows to new countries and every year, the partners find new ways to make #GivingTuesday as memorable as possible for change makers!! #GivingTuesday first came to East Africa in 2015 when the East Africa Philanthropy Network formerly East Africa Association of Grantmakers launched it in Kenya. In 2016, the Foundation for Civil Society-TZ launched the first #GivingTuesday campaign in Tanzania and this year, the East Africa Philanthropy Network is hosting the inaugural #GivingTuesday Rwanda and Uganda campaigns.


To be a part of this global movement, you can join the campaign  by registering as a partner now.

#Givingtuesday global

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The idea behind #GivingTuesday is that everyone - corporate, non profit and individuals- can take part. We want to make it as easy and fun as possible for you to participate, so we have provided resources for you to pick from below. We encourage you to use the resources to promote whatever you are doing.


Feel free to use these! And remember you can copy and paste, amend or write your own.




and let's take it to the next level!